cross1I am in heaven! I recieved my new Silicone Breast boob yesterday, size XLarge, and wish I had ordered the 17’s and just gone for it, but my oh my, I am finally stuffed, with the extra large nipples I have turned some heads and almost had a guy walk right into the side of a building. I am not petite but not big by no means, I usually wear a size 10 dress and I really like my tops skin tight, especially now, with a white tight top on and a mini skirt and my new huge breasts and big nipples leading my way no one even looks at what a pretty girl I am… these are the greatest and they are soooooo soft, they really feel like part of me.




Thank you so much for your help. These forms have changed my life. I have spent the morning trying on bras, and all those lovely garments seem to have just come to life. They all now fit like they should. Thank you for the great service and product. It was such a pleasure to do business with a company that actually does put the customer’s need ahead of making money.Bless you all.





I LOVE my Silicone breast boobs; so life like in feel and contour and the shape is fantastic, allowing me to go braless in camisoles and halter tops and backless tees for hours.
You are a great company.







I wanted to write to thank you all very much for all the kind and wonderful help you gave me in selecting my silicone boobs. Sorry it’s taken me a while to send these thanks off to you. They are wonderful and fit me perfectly. Its so nice to be able to be comfortable with the people you are dealing with and I look forward to buying (and eventually talking) to you in the future. Once again, thank you very kindly.


have just received my third order from you and just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your great service.
I also wanted to say how I was impressed again with the care my order was packed. It was packaged so pretty and I could tell your people there cared about how I would feel when I opened up the box and first saw the pretty bags and that it would make me and all your happy customers feel very special.
I will be ordering from you again soon.
Thank You Sincerely


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