Realistic breast silicone boob


  • Flat back design is perfect for giving you the most projection
  • Softer silicone gives you natural movement and the most bounce
  • Soft, non-shiny matte skin feels like cashmere
  • Realistic, textured nipples & areolas for the ultimate realistic look
  • Double-strength membrane on the back is durable enough to wear and go braless  but can also be worn with your favorite bras


Our Realistic breast silicone boob are perfect for the girl looking for the most versatility, the softest silicone, and natural looking nipples!

  • Designed to let you go braless
    • Guaranteed to go braless when used with our medical-grade Double-Sided Tapes
  • Fits great in all of your favorite pocketed and full coverage bras
    • Can be worn in a bra, attached with a bra, or just worn braless for any look, any time!
    • Fully fills your bra; no empty side or puckered top!
    • Curved bottom shape works well with underwire bras
      Please note: A damaged bra can cause the underwire to move out of place and possibly puncture your silicone breast. Although our Silicone breast  work well with these bras, please be careful while wearing them with an underwire bra to help avoid possible damage to your breast forms.
  • The asymmetrical shape looks and feels so natural
    • Fits left and right for a more natural fit and helps to make shoulders appear smaller
    • Flat back design gives you the most projection and fullest looking curves
    • Warms up to your body’s temperature to feel like a part of you
    • Made with softer silicone for the most natural movement and ultra realistic bounce
  • Built-in natural looking nipples complete your look
    • Mildly erect nipples are gel filled for the most realistic look and feel
    • Textured areolas look and feel just like real nipples
  • Our highest quality silicone breast are made with heart
    • Comes with a one year manufacturers’ warranty against defects, but will last for years!
    • NO TAXES on breast forms for even greater savings

Our luxurious Realistic breast silicone boob feature a double-strength membrane on the back of the breast form, making them durable enough for attaching and are even guaranteed to go braless!  They’re also great to wear with your favorite bras.

Each breast form is designed to fit the left or right side of your body. There is a small wing that is designed to go towards the underarm, helping to create the illusion of natural tissue and make the shoulders appear smaller and more feminine.

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